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Mates – Artist Proof



Artist Proof –  Edition of 10

Only 5 Artist Proofs of MATES have been released for public acquisition.

Size: 72 cm x 84 cm

305gsm Moab Juniper Baryta Cotton Rag Paper with 3 cm Border

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These reproductions are personally signed by the Artist and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

“This image represents walking together in true equality. Where there is an equal, authentic and mutual respect for one another while acknowledging the richness that each culture has and brings to this human expression. Children are such amazing ambassadors at establishing friendships and accepting the differences of others as to have a relationship that is based on universal elements. We can learn so much from the innocent unbiased nature of our youth and how to live in a world with empathy, compassion and acceptance. The two subjects were purposely chosen for this painting as firstly they are great mates, and from this their colour, race or religious beliefs become irrelevant as they simply enjoy moments of play through a celebration of life together. And while the realistic style of brushstrokes used for the European heritage are a strong contrast against the dotted contemporary expression which represents the First Nation mobs of Australia. They also co exist in a harmonic manner that I feel gives a richness in openly complimenting and supporting one another.” Jandamarra Cadd

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